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Sample Organization

The Sample Student Organization at Stevens-Henager College is delighted to join Free The Textbooks and the fight to make textbooks affordable again. We encourage all our members and all student organizations to join the movement.

The skyrocketing cost of college textbooks undermines the education and lives of millions of students.

Students, student organizations, graduates, parents, faculty, and high school students from around the country are joining forces to make textbooks affordable again for 21 million college students and the next generation. This nonprofit movement will:

·  raise awareness of the problem

·  bring pressure on university administrations, departments, and faculty to change their policies, so as to reduce the financial burden on students

·  help students find the best prices on purchases, rentals, and buy-backs

·  promote the Open Source textbook movement, which makes digital textbooks free and printed ones completely affordable

·  share offers from partners who will provide students with funding for textbooks.

See more participating organizations at our school
Please invite more student organizations to join the movement.