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Your Role as a School Ambassador

We are recruiting high-performing high school students to join Free The Textbooks as School Ambassadors. Here is your chance to use your skills, talent, and creativity to make a difference.

You will grow awareness of and engagement in our program, thereby helping save millions of college students (including you and your friends, very soon) billions of dollars a year.

Why be a High School Ambassador for Free The Textbooks?

  • Make a tremendous positive difference in the world as you help yourself and other students
  • Enhance your resume with a record of achievement and community service.
  • Take on a leadership role, and gain useful life experience, which can be applied to your future career.


-- Commitment of three (3) hours per week during the academic year.



-- Be currently enrolled in a high school.

-- Have an outstanding academic record.

-- Be active and involved in school activities and/or the community.

Your Activities as a High School Ambassador

As a High School Ambassador, you will spread awareness of, and promote engagement in, Free The Textbooks among students, student organizations, teachers, parents, and former students who are now in college.


You will:

  • Use social media to promote Free The Textbooks.
  • Harness existing communications channels (the school newspaper, newsletters, social media accounts, etc.).
  • Seek support from student influencers.
  • Post flyers, host information sessions, and use guerrilla marketing tactics.
  • Start a Free The Textbooks club at your school.


The Free The Textbooks High School Student Ambassador Manual will provide detailed instructions, message templates, digital graphics, downloadable flyers, and other marketing assets for your use.

A Community of Campus Ambassadors at Your School

We will typically have multiple Campus Ambassadors at each school, and we will provide an online community for you to connect with one another, as well as with Ambassadors at other schools. That will let you collaborate, share tips, and celebrate your successes.

If You Join Us, You Will

  • Earn Community Service hours (subject to approval by your school).
  • Get the satisfaction of making a big positive difference in the world.
  • Use your skills, talent, intelligence, and creativity to make a difference.
  • Assume a leadership role on our team.
  • Learn a tremendous amount.
  • Have a great time working with people from around the world.
  • Enhance your resume with a record of service and achievement.

Other Opportunities Here

We are also hiring:

  • School Ambassadors for, which the New York Times called, "an of the nonprofit world."
  • Interns and volunteers to work in our Manhattan office on Free The Textbooks or ChangingThePresent. Please see

Apply Now!

Just send the following to ambassadors [AT] FreeTheTextbooks [DOT] org:

-- your cover letter, resume, and transcript

-- links to any social media accounts you manage


Thank you very much! We look forward to hearing from you.

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