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Join the Movement: Sign the Petition

How Does It Work?

The Problem

You already know it. Students are paying a fortune for college textbooks.

The Solution

If colleges and universities adopted a few reasonable policies, students could save several billion dollars a year.

You Have the Power

We see it every day. Students have tremendous political clout to make change happen at their schools. They just need to speak up with a unified voice.

The Petition

This petition lets you be heard. Sign it, and we will deliver it to the college presidents nationwide. Of course, more signatures means more power, so be sure to share it broadly.


The skyrocketing cost of college textbooks places a tremendous financial burden on millions of students, and it undermines their education. We call on you to adopt the following reasonable policies to address this crisis:

1. Have instructors:

  • consider the cost when selecting textbooks.
  • use free Open Source textbooks whenever possible.
  • accommodate students who do not have the latest or university-specific editions.
  • refrain from requiring students to purchase expensive access codes for homework assignments and quizzes.
  • tell students what textbooks are required and what they cost before registration begins so they have time to shop for savings.
  • report to the school on all of the above.

2. Have college bookstores transparently serve students, rather than gouging them.

3. Allow students to use scholarship funds with any book vendor--not just the college bookstore.

4. Ensure that access codes, when required, can be purchased independently of the textbooks.

5. Inform students of scholarships to fund textbooks.  

6. Have college libraries put sufficient books on reserve.

7. Support student-to-student sales of used books.

8. Establish a standing student-faculty committee dedicated to this issue.  

Petitions and movements become powerful when lots of people participate.

Spread the word now to make that happen.


Save if You're Buying. Get More if You're Selling.

This is not a contradiction. When you cut out the bookstore middleman, everyone comes out ahead.



Why You Should Help Grow the Movement


Here are three reasons to spread the word about this site. As more people learn of it and participate:

1. more people will lend their voices and sign the petition to change the situation

2. more students will offer the books you need, and

3. more students will want to buy the books you have.

Here are five ways to grow the movement and make a difference for yourself, your friends, and tens of millions of students, year after year:

1.  Send these invitations.

2.  Tell student organizations.

3.  Share with students and others.

4.  Make a difference as an intern, volunteer, or campus rep.

5.  Show your support with a shirt, laptop sticker, or cell phone card case.